Luckyblock Skyblock

Luckyblock Skyblock (1.19) Map

Luckyblock Skyblock

Created By MrGreenGames

This map is all about luck, so are you feeling lucky? I sure hope so! In this world you will begin at the main HUB, this is the area where you will get your daily Luckyblocks as well as be able to change all your settings.

The “Lucky Chest” is where you can get daily Luckyblocks, be sure to empty this quickly in order to get more Luckyblocks.

Once you have picked all your settings step through the portal to the main island to begin your adventure.

To begin your adventure you will be given a small starter chest with 1 “Lucky Wand” and 1 “Teleport Block” be careful with these as you will need to craft more if you die.

To open a Luckyblock or Wishing Well you need to use a Lucky Wand and interact with it. This was the best way I could come up with to have a physical Luckyblock that could not be abused with silk touch. When you break the block it will drop the block itself.

You can place the Teleporter anywhere to teleport yourself to the HUB, in the HUB you can change your settings and pick up your daily Luckyblocks.

Once you are able to make your way into the Nether you can hunt for and kill Lucky Chickens to get more Luckyblocks. (Be warned: they fight back)

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