Granny 1.3

Granny 1.3 (1.19) Map

Granny 1.3

Created By BonnieRobloxRIP

Everyone is locked inside Granny’s house with only 1 objective, to escape! try your best to find all items and get out of there! you have only 1 attempt. if you’re caught, it’s game over.


starting a game is really easy. All you have to do is to press the “Start game” Button in the lobby. Make sure to disable Granny from the Lever if you’re playing alone, the game wont let you play as granny when you’re solo playing.
The game randomly selects who’s going to be granny, make sure to always keep your eyes on granny so that you don’t die surprisingly.
You as a player must find all required items to escape. Each item you find has a specific block to break with it, they are listed on the item itself just open your inventory and click on the item. some items can be placed on specific blocks while others can break specific type of blocks.
Cooperation with other players is the key to escape! if someone is sabotaging you there’s nothing you can do about it other than kick them out of the world or focus on killing them as granny.
Once you have escaped you have to wait for absolutely everyone else to escape too! (do “/tag @a remove player” to speed up the end of the march)
search for items in the barrels or chests you find, they can spawn anywhere!
Blind Mode is basically giving you Granny’s new updated vision, You all can’t see a thing and cannot sprint, making things fair for whoever is granny
Training mode is to train you how to use all items in the game and to teach you how to eacape! Make sure that you fix the car or open the exit door to successfully finish training mode.
Nightmate Mode is for advanced people who know what they’re doing and can survive the impossible. Granny can insta kill anyone. everyone has blindness. the house is almost in full darkness. 1 shortcut is blocke off. good luck

Padlock Key (breaks smooth stone slabs on the exit door)
Playhouse key (breaks any iron door)
Safe Key (used to open the light gray concrete powder on the safe at the basement)
Master Key (can be used only after all locks have been removed from the exit door)(breaks the Soul sand which the exit door is made of)
Padlock Code (breaks the glass on the exit door)
Hammer (breaks any Wooden slab. ANY)
Cutting Pliers (Breaks red wool. perfect for wires)
Screwdriver (can break any iron trap door.)
Weapon key (its used to break the 2 tuff blocks in the wooden area at the 2nd floor. there you’ll find the crossbow)
Crossbow (and 64 arrows)(use it to shoot at the target block above the exit door to obtain the screwdriver)
Battery (can be placed at the 1×1 hole next to the exit door)
Metal Cutting Pliers (Can be used to break the nether brick fences at the garden, then use the screwdriver to pull the lever and get rid of the Deepslate walls on the exit door)
Melon (has no use for now)
Well Handle (Can be used on the well at the garden, the well will give you an item after some time)
Car Battery (Can be placed in the car)
Engine Part (Can be placed in the car)
Sparkplug (Can be placed in the car)
Gasoline Fuel (Can be placed at the back of the car)
Car Key (Can be used to open the back of the car and start the car)
Shotgun piece #1, #2 and #3 (Collect all of them and place them at the table next to the car to craft the SHOTGUN)
Shotgun (Can 1 shot anything, can be used for the target block too)
Meat (can be placed at the spider room to distract the spider)
Special key (Can be used to open the spider floor)

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