Bow PVP - OneShot

Bow PVP – OneShot (1.18 , 1.19) Map

Bow PVP – OneShot


Oneshot is a PVP minigame that can be played with up to 16 players at the same time. There are 3 kits and 4 maps each creating different play styles, tactics and options! The minigame is fast-paced and a quick reaction time is always needed!

When The player first spawns they will be met with the lobby, which is a place to wait for new games, and spectate the current ones. In The lobby, the player can relax, play parkour and view the number of wins all players have.

To Start
First, all players need to be ready! To do this the players need to go and talk to the “Start” NPC and select ready. They will then get a turtle helmet to display this.

2. The players will then get teleported to the loadout selection to choose their loadout. They will get 10 seconds to do this. In OneShot There are three loadouts including:

– Bow – The Bow loadout gets a bow with punch and the speed effect

– Crossbow – The Crossbow loadout gets a crossbow and firework rockets to put in the crossbow

– Sword – The Sword loadout gets a sword and that’s it

All loadouts start with an instant health potion and an arrow. To get more arrows the players must fight over the beacon that spawns arrows every now and then. All players when killed (even if not in inventory will drop instant health potions)

3. A random map is chosen and the players will be spread around it, the three maps include :

Small Town – This is the smallest map and is a very tight fast map with one arrow spawner. (Bow Is Normally Best Here)

2. Siege – This is a medium-sized map and has two arrow spawners on each of the towers. (Sword Is Normaly Best Here)

3. Big Town – This is the biggest map and has two arrow spawners in a short distance from each other. (Crossbow Is Normally Best Here)

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