WW2 Addon

WW2 Addon (1.14) Add-On

WW2 Addon

* turn on experimental gameplay
This Add-on has WW2 guns that work for Minecraft Bedrock Edition v1.14+. It is compatible for all devices to use the weapons. Mobile is able to use the weapons too. No commands needed, No Functions needed, it works in the base game API.

This addon does replace some of the mobs to look like German Soldiers. Some block textures were changed as well. The guns do have custom made sounds.

– Guns will still shoot with or without experimental gameplay turned OFF and ON. Snowball works regardless, ever since the clipping collision issues occurred.
– Some of you asked me to publish the old version of the pack. I will put it back on here as well. Version v1.1 and v1.2.
– If your wondering where the grenades went, I removed it from the pack. I plan on making the grenades a separate addon pack since there is some debate whether if it was OK to have weapon that damages the map and if it shouldn’t. I will need more feedback to publish the grenades again with splash damage.

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