Best Lucky Block

Best Lucky Block (1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

Best Lucky Block

⚠️experimental game must be active!

Hello there! this add-on adds a block called Lucky Block to your game. it can give you different items when you break this block. What can come out of it is never predictable. it can also be found in your world.
created by Resul Yılmaz

How does it work?
If you want this block to happen in the world, activate the package before creating the world. then it will appear in the world. Lucky Block cannot be done with the craft table
What are the features?
seen in mines around the world. 32 to 0 layers. very rare in the world. so it’s hard to find.

what comes out of it?
wool in many different colors
magical items
redstone tools
foods and more
It has the same features as the real Lucky Block pc version. Also friendly for survival

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