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West Ridge Ultimate Bed Wars (1.17 , 1.18) Map

West Ridge Ultimate Bed Wars

Created By Noblecrate MC

This might be one of the first bed wars map that will bring you very close to the original Hypixel bed wars experience! We’re talking about fireballs, auto igniting TNTs, potions, auto armor gearing, bed destruction count, blast protection blocks, fancy generators, upgradeable axes and pickaxes AND team upgrades – including traps and team enhancements!The best part is that players are on survival mode – allowing them to break or place blocks anywhere on the arena!

What you need to know:
-Starting a match: players have to choose a team in the lobby and the game will begin in 15 seconds. 2 players in different teams are required to start a match.

-How to play: players have to collect iron and gold on their islands and trade with the item shops to get blocks, tools and resources. Collect diamonds to upgrade your team and set traps. Get emeralds from the middle island to unlock over powered items. Destroy other apposing teams’ beds to prevent them from respawning and protect your bed to be able to respawn when you die. Eliminate all apposing teams to win the game.

-How to earn trading points: convert your iron/ gold/ emeralds to trading points by collecting iron/ gold/ emeralds from their generators and standing on the “deny blocks” near the Item shop to start converting them to trading points. You will notice that your iron/ gold/ emeralds disappearing from your inventory meaning that your iron/ gold/ emeralds is being converted to trading points. These trading points will then allow you to purchase items from only the Item shops.

-How to buy items from the Item shop (Chest UI): you first have to earn trading points before you’re able to trade. The trading method will require you to drag an item you’d like to purchase from the shop to your inventory and you will receive a message letting you know if your purchase was successful or not. If your purchase was successful you’ll obviously receive your product. Another thing you should keep in mind is that you should not replace your in your inventory with the Item shop’s items, you’ll lose your items! Our trading system is still on beta, you’ll sometimes receive a message saying your points aren’t enough to buy an item even if you’ve just successfully bought it, that’s natural, it’s just that the game is letting you know that next time you won’t be able to purchase that item again otherwise you get more points.

-How to return trading points to iron/ gold/ emeralds: by standing on the “deny blocks” near the enderchest you’ll be able to get your iron/ gold/ emeralds back. This can help you store your iron/ gold/ emeralds in the chests.

-How to earn bed raids (beds broken): you’ll have to be at least 9 blocks away from a bed thats being broken to earn a bed raid. Bed raids were supposed to be called beds broken but because of the system being inaccurate, we cannot detect who exactly broke the bed. There’s a scoreboard list of beds raided and victory count on the pause menu.

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