Parkour Tag Factory

Parkour Tag Factory (1.18) Map

Parkour Tag Factory

Have you ever wanted to play a Minecraft Championship Minigame named “Parkour Tag” in MCPE/MCBE? Well, you are in the right place, let me introduce a fan-made creation of Parkour Tag Factory map. It’s fully functional and fully automatic. Wanna know the best thing? It doesn’t have any player limits for multiplayer. Isn’t that a crazy thing?

When you spawn in the lobby, you can see the overview of the parkour map that you will be playing in.

Parkour Tag is a minigame that comes from the widely popular tournament named “MC Championship”. It contains two main roles, Hunter and Runner.

To play this map :-

Player(s) needs to select themselves as the Hunter. After selecting the Hunter then other player(s) can select themselves as the Runner.

When all the Hunter(s) and Runner(s) are ready to start the round then the Hunter needs to press the “Start The Game” button to start the round. Once the gates are open, chaos begins.

What is Parkour Tag?

Hunter(s) needs to chase all the Runner(s) and tag all the Runner(s) within 60 seconds to win the round.

Runner(s) needs to avoid the Hunter(s) and survive for 60 seconds to win the round.

Parkour Practice :-

Now you can also practice your parkour skills! Simply go to the Parkour Practice cage and press the “Go to the Parkour Practice” button to go to the Parkour Practice Lobby. After entering the Parkour Practice Lobby then select a POV and press the “(Role) POV” in the selection cage to enter the parkour area. If you are done practicing and want to go back to the Main Hub then go to the Runner/Hunter Spawn or Waiting Area Parkour Practice Cage and press the “Return to the Main Hub” button to return to the Main Hub.

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