Vanilla Machinery: Quarries

Vanilla Machinery: Quarries (1.16) Map

Vanilla Machinery: Quarries

This is an amazingly useful command block machine which can be used to more efficiently mine huge holes into the earth. It doesn’t just destroy the blocks, it also takes care of the blocks and stores them in a dropper for you. It is powered by a command block machine and that means it must be used within a certain proximity of that in order to function properly.

Creator: Kingbudderjr

How does it work?
To build a quarry you will need 1 dropper, 1 hopper and 1 rail track. Make sure that the dropper is facing upwards. Turn on the power generation (command block machine) by using the lever.

Before it can start you will need to add some fuel. Place four coal blocks around the quarry. To start the quarry place a minecart with a hopper on the top of the structure on the rail track. It might lag for a second but short thereafter it’ll dig a hole straight down into the earth.

You can obtain the mined items by accessing the dropper. Sometimes some items are left on top of the quarry machine, just pick them up manually if that happens.

You can continue by mining further into the earth. Simply place four more coal blocks around the quarry machine and then a minecart with a hopper on top to start it.

Important: This map is limited to beta users only.

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