Industrial Machines

Industrial Machines (1.16) Map

Industrial Machines

This map features three different machines which are entirely powered by command blocks. However, you can build the machines anywhere you like (as long you stay within a 60 block distance of the main structure). There are a huge amount of ways in which you can use these machines to greatly improve your survival experience in Minecraft.

Creator: Kingbudderjr

How does it work?
This is the main module which is required for powering the different machines. You can build the machines anywhere that you want but it’s recommended to keep within eye distance of this structure. If you want to use it somewhere else then you can clone the machine by using the bottom right command block.

Block Breaker: This machine will break the block underneath it. One example when this might be useful is if you’re building an automatic farm.

1 Piston
1 Rail
1 Minecraft with Hopper

Metal Forge: The forge can be used for refining your gold and iron ores. You’ll get twice as much ingots compared to if you were to use a furnace.

1 Lava Bucket
4 Iron Blocks
1 Cauldron
1 Rail
1 Minecart with Hopper (place it last on the rail)
Place the gold or iron ore on the cauldron.

Lava Generator: This is a machine which you can use to extract lava from coal blocks.

1 Dropper (pointing upwards)
4 Nether Bricks
1 Rail
1 Minecart with Hopper
Coal Blocks (extract lava)
Place the Minecart with Hopper on the rail to complete the machine. Then place the coal block in the center to extract the lava.

Important: This addon is limited to beta users only.

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