UltraHardcore Function

UltraHardcore Function (1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

UltraHardcore Function

*You must enable Experimental gameplay in the map settings if hosting is from a mobile device

Ultra Hardcore is a custom game mode where the goal is for all players to defeat all the other players.

Get Started
After you download and import the addon, go ahead a create a new world. In the world options screen, navigate to “Behavior Packs” in the left-hand screen, and find UHC Function at your right-hand side. Click on “Activate” to apply the pack to your world.
After you apply it, you can then click on the cogwheel icon and choose the world border size for your game.

Then, navigate to Game at your left-hand side, and scroll down. Turn on Activate Cheats.

Then, click on Create and wait for the world to load.

Upon entering the world, open the chat menu, and type “/function UHC_setup”

After the players have joined, you may now start the game by opening your chat menu and executing “/function UHC_start”.

If you have done everything correctly so far, you should see the scoreboard showing the next event and all players should be spread around the arena. Good luck to all players!

This section will list all the available options in-game and how to change them.

To change a setting, open the chat menu and type “/function UHC_settings/SETTING/VALUE” where SETTING is the settings and VALUE is what you want to set it to. For example, to turn spectating off, type:

Settings can only be changed before you set up the game.

drop_gapple With this option off, apples will not turn into golden apples when they drop.

healing With this option off, players will not receive heals during the game.

spectating With this option off, players will not be able to spectate other players during the game.

scoreboard With this option off, the scoreboard will not be displayed in the game.

mode When it is set to Classic, the time will be extended to 60 minutes. When it is set to Arcade, the game will only last 20 minutes. Defaults to Arcade.

autosmelt With this option off, iron and gold will no longer be automatically smelted

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