Furniture+ (1.16 Beta) Add-On


Created by By Minicookie1811
*Turn on Experimental Gameplay for addon to work

Did you ever think that Minecraft does not have enough, or any furniture, but didn’t want to download other add-ons because the furniture is too complex or they are using mobs? Well, this is the addon for you! This addon adds simple furniture into Minecraft using custom 3D blocks!

How Does The Addon Work?
This addon adds new blocks using the new feature to make Custom 3D blocks in the latest beta.

The furniture crafting table is a custom crafting table that lets you create the furniture in Furniture+. You need to use this to craft all the furniture in the addon. If you use a normal crafting table, it won’t work.

Oven Block
The oven block is a block with no function yet except that if you click it, a crafting menu opens. It mostly serves as a decoration block for now.

Diving Board
Old TV
Flat Screen TV

You can get the blocks using /give @a furniture:

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