There Is No Light Anywhere..

There Is No Light Anywhere.. (1.17 , 1.18) Map

There Is No Light Anywhere..

Created By Lesnik915
“there is no light anywhere” is a horror map telling about strange events in a seemingly ordinary house somewhere in Russia, but is everything so simple?you have to find out what happened to its inhabitants, will you find out all the secrets or will you not dare to go in?

the map is designed for one person, play at normal difficulty, as soon as you enter the world, you need to turn on the command blocks in the settings, do not click on the bed or it will break the game, this is the first chapter, 3 chapters are planned in total, for full immersion I advise you to turn on the sound to maximum, put on headphones, turn off the lights and be at home alone, have a good game!

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