Stegosaurus Add-On

Stegosaurus Add-On (1.14)

Stegosaurus Add-On

Stegosaurus! Don’t talk to me about low brain-to-body weight ratio; who cares! If they could bring these back I think we’d all want one. Maybe two. Depends how many you could fit in your bedroom, I guess.

Vital Statistics
They spawn in savanna (most common) and plains biomes
Adults are not tameable
Babies are tameable with chorus fruit (just like real life)
You can accelerate their growth with chorus flowers
One a tamed baby has grown up, they’re still tamed and you can breed them with chorus flowers, obviously
Can’t hurt with projectiles (tough armor), or magic (uh, tough armor..??), and no fall damage (…got nothin’).
Can heal them with most plants / plant based things (especially pumpkin pie)
Will attack endermen (yay), T-Rex, velociraptors, zombies

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