M Functions Pack

M Functions Pack (1.14) Add-On

M Functions Pack

/function diamondpack : Adds a Pack of Diamond Items to your inventory.
/function goldpack : Adds a Pack of Gold Items to your inventory.
/function ironpack : Adds a Pack of Iron Items to your inventory.
/function starterpack : Add a pack of items to start your survival!
/function stonepack : Adds a Pack of Stone Items to your inventory.
/function woodpack : Adds a Pack of Wood Items to your inventory.
/function creeper_charged : Spawn the electrocuted creeper.
/function fly_on : Enables the option to fly in survival. (need to activate the education edition option)
/function fly_off : Disables the option to fly in survival. (need to activate the education edition option)
/function night_vision : Activates infinite night vision.
/function kill_a : Kill all players and mobs.

/function instant_healing : It heals quickly.

/function clear : Clear your inventory and potions effects.

/function zombie_villager : Spawn zombie villager.

/function skeleton_h_t : Spawn 4 skeleton horsemen.

/function ravager_frwer : Spawn an evoker riding ravager.

/function ravager_sfrwpr : Spawn a pillager riding ravager, but the pillager drops special loot upon death.
/function ravager_swpcr : Spawn a pillager riding ravager, but the pillager is raid captain.
/function ravager_swpr : Spawn a pillager riding ravager.
/function ravager_swvcr : Spawn a vindicator riding ravager, but the vindicator is raid captain.
/function ravager_swvr : Spawn a vindicator riding ravager.
/function ender_crystal : Spawn ender crystal in world.
/function barrier : Give 64 barrier in your inventory.
/function xp : Gives a large amount of experience to you.
/function explode_sound : Plays an explosion sound.
/function weather_t_s : Plays a thunder sound.
/function stop_sounds : To stop all sounds for all players.
/function baby_fox : Spawn baby fox in world.
/function baby_turtle : Spawn baby turtle in world.
/function baby_polar_b : Spawn baby polar bear in world.

/function freeze_mobs : Freezes all mobs near you.
/function invisibility : Becomes invisible infinitely.
/function stray_ranged : Spawn stray is in ranged mode.
/function rabbit_d : Spawn desert rabbit.

/function rabbit_s : Spawn snow rabbit.
/function pig_saddled : Spawn pig with saddle.
/function llama_w_c : Spawn llama with chest.

/function mule_saddled : Spawn mule saddled.
/function mule_w_c : Spawn mule with chest.
/function donkey_saddled : Spawn donkey saddled.

/function donkey_w_c : Spawn donkey with chest.
/function no_hungry : You don’t feel hungry anymore.
/function lightning : Lightning appears in front of you.

/function clear_drops : All items on the floor will disappear.
/function baby_z : Spawn baby zombie in world.
/function p_captain : Spawn pillager captain in world.

/function adm_pack : Gives you admin items.
/function unfreeze_mobs : Unfreeze the mobs, by requests.
/function end_of_m : Teleports you to the end of the map.
/function powered_s : You get a very strong sword.
/function powered_p : You get a very strong pickaxe.
/function archerpack : Gives you archer equipment.
/function powered_t : You get a very strong trident.
/function powered_cb : You get a very strong crossbow.
/function powered_shovel : You get a very strong shovel.
/function powered_fd : You get a very strong fishing rod.
/function powered_a : You get a very strong axe.
/function powered_b : You get a very strong bow.
/function p_essential : Gives you the best potions.
/function void : Remove all blocks below you, which leads to the void.
/function 100chicken : Spawn 100 chicken.
/function 200chicken : Spawn 200 chicken.
/function 300chicken : Spawn 300 chicken.
/function 100cow : Spawn 100 cow.
/function 200cow : Spawn 200 cow.
/function 300cow : Spawn 300 cow.
/function lag : spawn 1000 turtles in world.

SPECIAL FUNCTION : Song Hotel Calafornia (BY: ihategravel)

/function song/tick : Required to play music. (Repeating command block)
/function song/load : Load the music.

/function song/playing : Music data.

/function song/play : Start playing the music.

/function song/pause : Pause the music.

/function song/stop : Stop playing music.

– How to do the song :
1. Repeating command block with function song/tick

2. function song/load

3. function song/play

to stop and reset :

4. function song/stop

1. Spawn PvP Arena (BY: ihategravel)
/function structures/arena

2. Spawn Tree.

/function structures/tree

3. Spawn House (BY: ihategravel)
/function structures/house

4. Spawn Tree TNT.

/function structures/treetnt

5. Spawn Big TNT.
/function structures/bigtnt

6. Spawn Comic (BY: ihategravel)
/function comic/comic1

/function comic/comic2

/function comic/comic3

/function comic/comic4

7. Spawn Mona (BY: ihategravel)
/function mona/mona1

/function mona/mona2

/function mona/mona3

8. Spawn Van Star (BY: ihategravel)
/function van/star1

/function van/star2

/function van/star3

/function van/star4

9. Spawn Maat (BY: ihategravel)
/function maat/maat

10. Spawn Arena 2 (BY: ihategravel)

/function structures/arena1

/function structures/arena2

/function structures/arena3
/function structures/arena4

11. Spawn Goku and Chichi.

/function goku/gokuandchichi

12. Spawn Goku Art.
/function goku/gokuart

13. Spawn Son Goku SSJ 2.

/function goku/goku_ssj2

14. Spawn Son Goku SSJ 3.
/function goku/goku_ssj3

15. Spawn Son Goku SSJ 4.

/function goku/goku_ssj4

16. Spawn Goku.
/function goku/goku

/function goku/goku1

17. Spawn Portal.
/function structures/portal

18. Spawn Sans the Skeleton.

/function sans/sans_the_skeleton

19. Spawn Papyrus the Skeleton.

/function sans/papyrus_the_skeleton

20. Spawn Papyrus Battle Form.
/function sans/papyrus_battle_form

21. Spawn Lucky Cat.

/function structures/luckycat

22. Spawn Japanese Arena PVP.

/function structures/japanese_arenapvp

23. Spawn Garen.
/function lol/garen

24. Spawn Janna.

/function lol/janna

25. Spawn Jinx.

/function lol/jinx

26. Spawn Katarina.
/function lol/katarina

27. Spawn Teemo.

/function lol/teemo

28. Spawn Ahri Arcade.

/function lol/ahri_arcade

29. Spawn Darius.
/function lol/darius

30. Spawn Fiddlestick.

/function lol/fiddlestick

31. Spawn Kindred.

/function lol/kindred

32 Spawn Lux Star Guardian.
/function lol/lux_star_guardian

33. Spawn Redeemed Riven.

/function lol/redeemed_riven

34. Spawn Zac.

/function lol/zac

35. Spawn Zed.
/function lol/zed

36. Spawn Zyra.

/function lol/zyra

37. Spawn Earth Planet.

/function structures/earth_planet
/function structures/earth_planet2

38. Spawn Hatsune Miku.

/function structures/hatsune_miku
/function structures/hatsune_miku2

/function structures/hatsune_miku3

39. Spawn Heart.
/function structures/heart

40. Spawn Inori.

/function structures/inori
/function structures/inori2

41. Spawn Jacksally.
/function structures/jacksally

42. Spawn Rainbow Heart.
/function structures/rainbow_heart

43. Spawn Viking Town Heimskringla.
/function structures/vth

/function structures/vth2

/function structures/vth3

/function structures/vth4

/function structures/vth5

by: theonlinecreeper

44. Spawn Asia karte.

/function structures/asiakarte

/function structures/asiakarte2

45. Spawn Bart Simpson.

/function structures/bart

46. Spawn Bat.

/function structures/bat

47. Spawn Eto Kaguja.

/function structures/eto_kaguja

/function structures/eto_kaguja2

48. Spawn Groudon.

/function structures/groudon

by: Pangamma

49. Spawn Large Diamond Block.

/function structures/large_diamond_block

50. Spawn Madara.

/function structures/madara

/function structures/madara2

/function structures/madara3

51. Spawn Pain 6 Path of Pain.

/function structures/pain

/function structures/pain2

/function structures/pain3

/function structures/pain4

/function structures/pain5

/function structures/pain6

52. Spawn Super Mario.

/function structures/supermario

53. Spawn Villa.

/function structures/villa

54. Spawn Camping Spot.

/function structures/camping_spot

by: Guado_Mo

55. Spawn Black Dragon.

/function dragon/dragon_black

by: DJpaulii

56. Spawn Dragon Marine.

/function dragon/dragon_marine

by: Vahi125

57. Spawn Dragon Statue.

/function dragon/dragon_statue

by: Orzel

58. Spawn Dragone.

/function dragon/dragone

by: Irmando

59. Spawn Green White Chinese Dragon.

/function dragon/green_chinese_dragon

by: 200E-3

60. Spawn Hidra.

/function dragon/hidra

by: Pokerod178

61. Spawn Purple Dragon.

/function dragon/purple_dragon

by: kriscool567

62. Spawn Quartz Dragon.

/function dragon/quartz_dragon
by: TheEvilSketch

63. Spawn Red Dragon.
/function dragon/red_dragon
/function dragon/red_dragon2

by: icydarklord9

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