Sky Update

Sky Update (1.16) Add-On

Sky Update

Sky Update Add-On for MCPE adds different Species of birds into the game. There are 7 different birds with 5 Different Species.

Ancient Dragon Boss: It has 200 health. It can be spawned by crafing a Ancient Dragon Fossil and Activating it.

First Craft a an Ancient Dragon fossil Like shown in the image. You can get ancient debris block by mining with a pickaxe. Activate it using Blaze Powder Like shown in the Image. Then just long press to summon the Dragon.

The Birds:
Taiga Eagle (Taiga, Mid-Snow Biomes, Cold Taiga)Passive
Desert Eagle (Desert)Passive
Snow Eagle (Snow Biomes, Snow Hills, Cold Taiga)Passive
Eagle (Common Biomes; Example-Birch Forest)Passive
Vulture (Mesa, Desert)Agressive But 0 Damage
Seagull (All Ocean Biomes, Sea Biomes)Passive
Pheonix (Nether[Hell])Agressive-Hostile, Fire Resist-Ability, High Damage
Ancient Dragon

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