Simple Anti Cheat

Simple Anti Cheat (1.12 , 1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

Simple Anti Cheat

Simple Anti Cheat [SAC] Has a lot of Features to offer: Fight Back Hackers with Multiple Cheat Detections And other Useful Features

Easy Installation, No Setup Required: Just Install SAC to your world and your ready to go! If you see a Message in Chat, that means it installed Successfully. If not, try reinstalling it and make sure its at the Top of all Behaviour Packs in the World.

Speed: Players Moving to Fast will automatically be „Flagged“ Back and Set off a Notification
Fly: Fly Hackers will be pulled to the Ground and damaged

LiquidWalk/Jesus: Hackers can no longer Walk on Water and will just get pulled in.

X-Ray: You will be notified if a Player finds an unusual Amount of Ores (Diamond, Emerald, Iron or Gold).

Phase: Hackers won‘t be able to Phase through Blocks anymore.

Teleport: Hackers won‘t be able to teleport around.

KillAura/Aimbot [W.I.P.]: Detects KillAura and Aimbot and damages the Player.

Ban & Kick System: Players can be easily banned or kicked by using /tag (player) add Kick to Temporarily Kick a Player or /tag (player) add PermBan to Permanently Ban a Player

Excellent Notifications: /function notify/on To be notified about everything: Players Hacking, Players Changing their Gamemode, Even Players being Banned

/tag (player) add info will Grant you with all Informations about that Player SAC Has Collected like all Violations (Cheat Detections), Gamemode, Movement, Exemptions, Bans, Sensitivity, etc.

/tag (player) add SpeedSens(1 | 2 | 3 | 4) – Changes the Sensitivity to trigger Speed Flags (The Higher the more Sensitive) – works with XRaySens, SpeedSens, FlySens & TPSens

Flagging People for their Hacks is now automatically turned off and has to be turned on manually using /function flags/on & /function flags/off (Flagging means e. g. Dragging/Pulling People back trying to speed, teleport or fly)

And lots more: /function help for more information about everything and more

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