Block Disguise

Block Disguise (1.16) Add-On

Block Disguise

Have you ever wanted to disguise or morph as a block, but camouflage skins weren’t good enough? Well this is the addon for you! A special perk is that if you stand still for 3 seconds, you will become completely hidden as a block! The morphs are also craftable.

How to obtain –
The first method is to use /give

The second method is to craft it: place the block you want to morph as in the middle (currently there is 15), and put leather armor around it (the order of the leather armor doesn’t matter).

Blocks you can morph as:
Crafting Table
Oak Planks
Quartz Block
Oak Leaves
Melon Block
Diamond Block
Iron Block
Ender Chest
Hay Block
How to use –
Equip the block morph like a piece or armor by holding it in your inventory. Once you equip the morph, you will look exactly like a block, to be hidden as a block, stand still for about 3 seconds.

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