Robotic Revolution

Robotic Revolution (1.12 , 1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

Robotic Revolution


To begin Robotic Revolution, You must go to the end city and get 4 PurPur Blocks of any Kind, and Go to a Crafting table, You will see the Cyber Workbench Crate, Craft it to begin.

Place and Break the Block to Receive the Cyber Workbench, Place it and interact with it to Start making Robots.

Iron and Redstone are Essential Materials to Building Robots.


Drone. Drones are the Basic Bot, When tamed with iron, you can sit them down, make them follow you, heal them with iron or redstone, and have them swarm enemies.

Combat Drone.Combat Drones are the same as the Basic drones, but have Increased Attack Damage.

Obliterator.The Obliterator Drones act as guards, you cannot tame them, so don’t aggro them, They are bigger and Beefier than Regular Drones, and shoot Powerful Bullets at enemies.

Titan: The Titan is a heavily armored and Expensive bot, When tamed, It will follow you Slowly and can be sat down, but upon seeing a target, it will Bull Rush on them, doing severe damage, Lower tier enemies cant even attack it.

Reaper:Reaper is the Most Expensive bot, and Once tamed, will Teleport, Do Critical Hits, Fly Around, and move very fast, the most dangerous robot.

Healbot:The Healbot is a Stationary Bot with a Ton of health, anything in a 5 block radius will be buffed.

Cyberbow.The Cyberbow is a Powerful weapon, Interact while holding to fire Sharp Metal Discs at high speeds, it has infinite Ammo.

Drop-Pods. Drop-Pods will fall from the sky randomly and explode on impact, they will spawn 4 Tri-Wielders.

Tri-Wielder: Tri-Wielders are untamable, not friendly, Strong Drones. They Spawn from Drop-Pods and will attack you at all costs.

Cyber Golem:Cyber Golems sometimes spawn instead of ravagers during raids, they will break through stone, wood, and other resources just to get to you, they will summon Minions to fight you, and have immense health and Damage, making them the first Boss of the Addon.

Upon Killing it, it will drop a Deactivated Cyber-Golem, which then can be Activated using the Cyber Workbench to craft a tamable version.

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