ReTold – Minecraft Story Mode

ReTold – Minecraft Story Mode (1.16) Add-On

ReTold – Minecraft Story Mode

The purpose of this add-on is to bring story mode exclusive features to your Minecraft world. It is an add-on that will add new entities, blocks, and items that will make your worlds more enjoyable or challenging.

This hostile mob can blow you up and it rarely spawn anywhere at night. The explosion is bit stronger than the creeper. It can also climb walls. Can be charged.

Prison Golem:
It behaves just the sames as the iron golems. Spawns underground. They have a red variant.

Prison Zombie:
Withered prisoners. Inflicts wither. Doesn’t burn in sunlight. They spawn underground.

Prison Slime
Just like slimes. They spawn underground.
and other.

Prismarine Blocks
Can be crafted with prismarine/dark prismarine in a stonecutter.

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