Actual Guns 2D

Actual Guns 2D (1.16) Add-On

Actual Guns 2D

This add-on adds 230+ items to the game, there are Pistols, Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns, SMGs and more! this addon also doesn’t replace anything, meanwhile this addon is only intended for Singleplayer use and Adventure maps to use. It may not work in multiplayer, the host can shoot people, but other players can not use the guns full auto.

Currently the guns are only obtainable by using gun:name, grenade:name, weapon:name, azoz:name, gun:(gun name)ammo, and you can also get them from supply boxes or you can also do /function help so it tells you some of the functions. Some functions may not appear, this is because of Mojang. I don’t know why. But they will work once you press enter!

/function getar and getarammo
/function getetc
/function getgrenade
/function getmelee
/function getshotgun and getshotgunammo
/function getpistol and getpistolammo
/function getsniper and getsniperammo
/function getsmg and getsmgammo
/function getheavy and getheavyammo

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