Phasmofriend (1.18) Map


Created By Realtern
Haunting your friends in the form of a ghost in this horror map based on the popular video game “Phasmophobia”. Stop running away and this time become the nightmare of your friends traveling between dimensions to banish them from the physical world.

Travel from one dimension to another to attack those who have the courage to enter your territory.

➤ Cut off the power of the place to end the sanity of those who dared to stay.

➤ Are you alive? Quick! Find and close the mark, returning what emerged from there so they don’t reach the city.

Currently there is only one location registered with the marks and ghosts problem; Soon new ones will be added over time with a higher degree of difficulty, so we must be even better prepared, soon there will be a store with items that will protect us from that evil.

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