McDonald’s Add-on

McDonald’s Add-on (1.16)

McDonald’s Add-on

This add-on lets you build and design your own McDonald’s restaurant in Minecraft. And also, you need to manage your restaurant by using the tools, machines, and items created for your McDonald’s restaurant.

📌Use a barrier to remove any McDonald’s machines and items.
📌Use function command: /function mcdo_starter_pack to start working on McDonald’s machines and items for managing the restaurant you build.

McDonald’s Machines:
✅Burger Fryer: Burger Fryer lets you cook patties for your McBurgers. Use command /give @s mcdo:raw_patty to get the item patty. Place it on the fryer and turn on the fryer.

✅French Fries Fryer: French fries fryer lets you cook fries for your McFries.
💡Use command /give @s mcdo:uncooked_fries to get the uncooked fries to be cooked by the french fries fryer.

💡Use command /give @s mcdo:mcfries_holder to get the holder of the fries. Use it to get the cooked fries on the french fries fryer.

✅McFlurry Machine: McFlurry Machine lets you make McFlurry by turning it on. Use command /give @s mcdo:mcflurry_empty to get the McFlurry cup and use it to get the refilled McFlurry cup on the McFlurry machine.

✅Ice Cream Machine: Ice cream machine lets you make McDonald’s ice creams.Use command: /give @s mcdo:ice_cream_cone to get the ice cream cone and use it to interact on the ice cream machine to refill your ice cream. The ice cream can be brown, purple, or green.

✅Drink Dispenser: Drink dispenser lets you get different kinds of McDonald’s drinks. Use command: /give @s mcdo:empty_mcdonalds_cup to get the cup for McDonald’s drinks.

McDonald’s Items:
✅Clean Rectangular Plate: This item is the platform to make the McBurger.

To make the McBurger on it, you need to get all foods for the layers of McBurger.

Use this commands to get all the layers for McBurger, and they are also arranged correctly for the layers of McBurger.
/give @s mcdo:lower_bun
/give @s mcdo:cooked_patty
/give @s mcdo:cheese
/give @s mcdo:tomatoes
/give @s mcdo:mushrooms
/give @s mcdo:onions
/give @s mcdo:lettuce
/give @s mcdo:upper_bun

✅Happy Meal: Happy meals contain randomly different McDonald’s foods.

✅Trays: This is where you are going to place different McDonald’s foods.


✅Suits: There are 2 different suits in McDonald’s. Use commands: /give @s mcdo:crew_worker_suit and /give @s mcdo:ronald_mcdonald_suit to get 2 items for suits. Just long press on the item and you will be able to wear that suit.

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