Disguise Function

Disguise Function (1.16) Add-On

Disguise Function

Be everything you want, it just takes a simple command. Troll your friends, hide as a mob and more. With this disguise plugin/addon, you can be any normal Minecraft creature, all it takes is a simple command.

Once installed (Guide at the Bottom) into your World, type the Command “/function dg/setup” or “/function disguise/setup” in Chat. You will get a Repeating Command Block, place it down and type the Command “/function disguise” in the Repeating Command Block, then, set it to Always Active. If you get a Message in Chat, everything works.
Once Setup, to Disguise, type “/function dg/(Mob you wanna be)” in Chat and everything should work.

To undisguise, type /function dg/off or /function disguise/off

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