Mansion Village

Mansion Village (1.16) Map

Mansion Village

Map size:230mb!This is a really cool world which could be suitable to use for your next survival world. It includes a couple of large mansions and a few cottages. All of them are situated close to each other so it’s fairly easy to find them. All of the houses are furnished and decorated. The only thing you need to do is to find a house of your liking and then move in! There is one downside though and that is the file size (219 MB).

Creator: BjankyMiner

The spawn is in front of a large mansion situated in a swamp biome.
The interior of the mansion is truly majestic.
Cozy.. don’t you think?
Here’s a nice little cottage which is situated not far from the first mansion.
And here’s another house which can be found just behind the first mansion in the swamp biome.
To get to this house you need to go for a hike up a mountain but the view is worth it!
This house is a little bit more hidden but just switch to creative mode and fly around and you should soon see it.
It’s a simple but really cozy cottage located on a hillside.
Throughout the world you will find multiple different paths and some of them goes straight through the mountains.
From afar it might look like a church but it is actually a huge mansion which you can use as your home.

Warning: The file size for this world is very big: 219 MB.

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