Kirio RPG

Kirio RPG (1.16) Map

Kirio RPG

This is an open-world adventure map set in a medieval environment with multiple different towns to visit and quests to complete. You play as a character called Picko who is a brave warrior who fight against evil. It’s very important to read all of the signs you can find as they will provide the necessary information for your progress in the map. Beware, sometimes the English in this map isn’t perfect!

Creator: PickoMods

How to play?
Since it is an open-world adventure it means that you don’t need to complete the quests in a particular order. However, we do recommend that you try to complete them as you find them because otherwise there’s chance you’ll get lost and confused. This is important especially in the beginning of the map as then you will learn how things are going to work.

The “Line of Quests” are the main quests which are part of the storyline. You must complete these quests in order to make any progress in the map. Then there are the “Reusable Tasks” and those are quests which can be returned to several times in case you want to earn more money which you can use for trading and such.


Your name is Picko and you are the son of a prophecy who have grown up to become a great warrior. Your future will not be easy as it will involve a fight against evil to save the people of Kirio from doom. It’s not going to be easy as you will need to complete a various amount of different quests.

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