Magical Books

Magical Books (1.16) Add-On

Magical Books

Created By Epicteddygamer1

*To use this add-on, turn on experimental gameplay

This add-on adds 10 craftable magical books and a new material to the game. These books can save your life when you’re in trouble. Let’s say… you fall into a pit of lava, no worries hold the Book of fire in your hand and it will give you fire resistance. Magical Books save the day! Each magical book has its own effect. To use the effects of these magical books, you simply hold them in your hand.

How do you obtain them?
To obtain these magical books, you need to craft them, to craft these magical books, you need the Magical Stone which is also craftable, or use commands. The command to obtain all the books including the magical stone is…

Command – /function Magical_Books_Addon_pack


/give @p ______ I will show you the command of each book later

Magical Stone :
Command – /give @s pa:magicalstone
Magical Stones is a material that you need to craft a magical book

Book of Bounce:
Command – /give @s pa:bouncebook
Effects – Jump boost III. This will make it easier to jump out of holes or climb bumpy terrains.

Book of Oceania:
Command – /give @s pa:oceaniabook
Effects – Conduit power II, Water breathing I. This will make it easier to explore the ocean.

Book of Momentum:
Command – /give @s pa:momentumbook
Effects – Speed III. This will make it faster to travel between points.

Book of Healing:
Command – /give @s pa:healbook
Effects – Regeneration II. This will help me regenerate my health when it’s low

Book of Fire
Command – /give @s pa:firebook
Effects – Fire resistance II. Now you can fall in lava whenever you want :p

Book of Flight
Command – /give @s pa:flightbook
Effects – Levitation II. This will make it easier to climb mountains or help you fly with elytra wings

Book of Protection
Command – /give @s pa:protectionbook
Effects – Resistance III. This will help me survive a strong hit.

Book of Gravity
Command – /give @s pa:gravitybook
Effects – Feather Falling I. This will make me invulnerable to fall damage.

Book of Pain
Command – /give @s pa:painbook
Effects – No effects, just damage.
Atk. Damage – 8
Durability – Infinite
This will help me kill mobs easier.

Book of Night
Command – /give @s pa:nightbook
Effects – Night Vision I. This will make night time less scarier.

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