Technology (1.16) Add-On


*Turn On experimental Gamply for addon to work

This addon adds new technology-related blocks, items, mobs, and ores. The tec addon also adds lasers! I hope you enjoy the addon!

Yes, you heard it, this addon add lasers! The lasers can turn block in front of it into another block.To activate the laser you just click the nonactivated laser with a Redstone torch.

Reinforced Blocks
Reinforced blocks are like normal blocks but they are way stronger.

Bunker Block
This is the bunker block. It is one of the most strongest block in the addon. It can be crafted by putting one lead ingot in the middle and surrounding it by reinforced blocks.

Cobblestone Generator
The cobblestone generator is a block that generates cobblestone.

You just need to craft it and then put it down and it will work.

Copper is a new ore. It is about rare as iron. It can be mined then smelted to make copper ingots. The copper ingots can be put into a crafting table and it will turn into copper wire. You can put 9 copper ingots in a crafting table to make a copper block.

Lead is like copper but a little more rare. It can be found below y level 60.

Uranium is another new one. It can be found below Y level 25. Right now the only use uranium has is for crafting.

Gears are one of the important things in the addon. The can be used in crafting recipes.

The tec addon adds a new mob/block called the windmill. The windmill right now is for decoration purposes but it will be used to power other blocks/mobs.

Gear Block
The gear block is the block that the windmill can be attached to. It can be crafted like this!

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