Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge

Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge (1.16) Map

Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge

This map is a skyblock survival challenge where the main objective is to reach the final island. You will start out on a small island with few resources. The resources have to be used carefully in order to one day have the necessary building blocks to create the bridges which will take you to your end goal. I provided some recommended guidelines but you can obviously use whatever rules you want.

Creator: Kidsource

How to play?
The objective is a little bit different from other skyblock maps. In this case the goal is to survive on the meager resources available while continuously striving to reach the diamond island.

Find use of the resources on the island you are on and ultimately try to find a way to build a bridge to cross over to the other islands.

The resources get better as you progress to the next islands.

You have completed the map once you’ve reached the diamond island.

Recommended Guidelines
You are not allowed to use terrain blocks (such as dirt or grass) to build the bridges.
Play in survival mode
Recommended difficulty: hard

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