The Three Mazes

The Three Mazes (1.16) Map

The Three Mazes

This is a great minigame which sets you up for challenges which require you to locate a couple of different monuments and then ultimately find a way out of the maze. It’s not going to be too easy since all of the mazes are fairly complex and definitely require some brains to be completed (or to avoid getting lost inside).

Creator: CameronTheWolf

How to play?
The objective is to find all of the monuments and then escape the maze by finding the main gate. However, there are in total three mazes which you’ll need to find a way out in order to win the game. There are also a bunch of side missions, like rescuing villagers who are lost somewhere in the maze.

Once you’ve found one of the monuments in the main mission and toggled the lever for it, then it the redstone torch for that will turn dark.

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