Herobrine Addon v2

Herobrine Addon v2 (1.16) Add-On

Herobrine Addon v2

*Before playing, turn off the destructive mob because Herobrine’s skills will cause the game to lag.

It has over 9 billion health and more than 9 billion attack power. If a mob lives before Herobrine for 10 seconds, then the mob will die. And any mob that touches Herobrine’s body will instantly die, including the player.

Obsidian Skill 1:When Herobrine activates this ability, it will create flying “Obsidian” and 5 seconds immediately the Obsidian will explode and cause great damage.

Obsidian Skill 2:When Herobrine uses this, it will create but the Obsidian Spikes from the ground will stab and shield the mob from flying away or dying.

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