More TNT

More TNT (1.16 , 1.16 Beta) Add-On

More TNT

More TNT add-on adds more than 20 new explosives to the game! Molotovs, grenades, missiles, and even a black hole!

This add-on finally adds new explosive blocks that range from twice the power of your regular TNT to the massive nuclear blast.

You can craft the new items using the recipe tab. Due to a bug, custom blocks recipes can’t be viewed (Hopefully, this will be fixed in the future).

There are a total of 12 blocks of new TNT added by this add-on. Some of the newly added TNT have differing fuse duration so keep that in mind. You need flint and steel to trigger all of them (except for the C4).

TNT x2, x4, x8
Bedrock buster
Cryocharge:This TNT has the special ability to freeze nearby entities, as well as freeze surrounding water into ice and lava to cobblestone.


This TNT is the polar opposite of the Cryocharge

This TNT cannot be lit by flint and steel, instead it can be activated by interacting with its detonator. The range of the detonator is 60x60x60 blocks, you can detonate this bomb from a safe distance, it will activate any C4 placed within that area! After a C4 is activated, it will sound an alarm to anyone nearby. The more C4 activated, the louder the alarm becomes.


Hydrogen bomb
The utmost destructive bomb that this add-on has to offer! It’s three times more destructive than the nuke, it also has a white-out mushroom cloud.

Sticky bomb:It sticks to any surface and won’t be coming down.

Tesla bomb
This is a powerful bomb that can generate lightning bolts in a medium-sized area.

Throwable bombs

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