Happy Family

Happy Family (1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

Happy Family

Make sure you have enabled Experimental Gameplay Option on World Map Setting(!)
This addon will only add new entities with unique features like have a girlfriend / boyfriend, married with your favorite entities that have different skins ( Boys & Girls ), have a kid from them and have a new pet ( Dog ) with various skins.

It means relation status with the entities that stand in front of you. You can check your relation with the entities by pressing Shift or Sneak button.
Nothing – Friend – Girlfriend / Boyfriend – Wife / Husband
To become friends with another entities.
Hold an item called “Phone Number” and stand closely near your target. Then you will become friends with your target.When you succefully become a friend with the target, Health bar of your target will appear on top right screen.

Cooking Skill
Now the girls have a cooking skill.
You can ask your wife to cook non cooked meat into cooked meat.Make sure your wife have finished their task to cook before you speed up your wife to get pregnant. if you ask your wife when she pregnant you will not able to cook again until you find a new wife xD.


When you have succefully married with your favorite Boys / Girls. They will get pregnant after 1 hour. And spawn a baby after another 1 hour.

You can use an item called “Clomiphene” to speed up the pregnant process.

To get “Clomiphene” use command
/give @s entity:clomiphene

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