Glowing Magical Wands

Glowing Magical Wands (1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

Glowing Magical Wands

Turn on the Experimental Gameplay or else the addon will not work!

Just hold the wands and the effects will be turn on.
This wands can hit and damage you a lot with just one click and this addon are high in durability it can’t break easily and you can break blocks with this wands and kill mobs or animals.

Glowing Wand of Invinsibility
(Makes you Invisible)

Glowing Wand of Water Breathing
(Makes you not drowning underwater)

Glowing Wand of Speed
(Makes you Extremely Speed)

Glowing Wand of Jump Boost
(Makes you Jump High)

Glowing Wand of Night Vision
(Ability to see in low light conditions)

Glowing Wand of Strength
(Increases the amount of Damage when attacking in Melee)

Glowing Wand of Instant Health
(Heals you Instant)

(NEW) Glowing Wand of Levitation
(Makes you levitate to air)
Damage: 12
Durability: 1000

(NEW) Glowing Wand of Fire Resistance
(Makes you immune to fire)
Damage: 12
Durability: 1000

(NEW) Glowing Wand of Slow Falling
(Makes you fall slow in air)
Damage: 12
Durability: 1000

(NEW) Glowing Wand of HASTE!
(Dig or Mine Faster and ATTACK SPEED INCREASE!)
(can break any blocks!)
Damage: 15
Durability: 1000

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