Godzilla Tyrant (1.19 , 1.20) Add-On

Godzilla Tyrant

Created By TELUR Man

Minecraft version checked:1.20.51✅
⚠️Turn on experiments in map settings!

Get ready for the ultimate showdown as Godzilla harnesses its immense power with dynamic charge attacks! The Godzilla Tyrant boasts three distinct charging moves, each more devastating than the last.

Atomic Surge Charge:
Unleash a burst of atomic energy as Godzilla charges forward, obliterating everything in its path. The sheer force of this attack will leave a trail of destruction and chaos.

Tectonic Slam Charge: Feel the ground shake as Godzilla prepares for a mighty slam attack. Watch in awe as enemies are tossed into the air and structures crumble under the force of this seismic assault.

Plasma Beam Charge:
Brace yourself for the iconic Godzilla breath attack! Charge up the Plasma Beam and release a scorching wave of destruction, engulfing adversaries and terrain alike in a fiery blaze.

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