Fish Traps

Fish Traps (1.16) Add-On

Fish Traps

No need to sit and spend hours fishing when you could just have a net catch them all for you.

⚒Bait: (1-Raw Cod, 9-Iron Nuggets)

⚒Wood Fish Trap: (4-String, 4-Planks of any choice, 1-Fishing Rod)

⚒Iron Fish Trap: (4-String, 4-Iron Blocks, 1-Fishing Rod)

⚒Diamond Fish Trap: (4-String, 4-Diamonds, 1-Fishing Rod)

The wood trap is the slowest out of all, the iron trap is faster than wood, and the diamond trap is the fastest. You will run out of bait after a while meaning you will need to replace it.

📌How to Use
To add bait simply interact with the trap while holding the bait. Here is a example!

📌How to Destroy
To destroy the trap simply Crouch + Hit and it will break the trap. If the trap has any items in it they will drop as well. Here’s a example!

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