FIFA Football Minigame

FIFA Football Minigame (1.18 , 1.19) Map

FIFA Football Minigame

Created by Nogard

The map contains 2 stadium variants, so 2 matches can be played at the same time. Both stadiums have an opening roof along with other enhancements. The larger stadium has a fully functional automatic in-map scoreboard system. They are decorated with national flags of the qualified teams and special posters to promote the creators.

The addon includes 7 stylish types of balls to play with. You can easily shoot just by hitting the ball, if you want to shoot at longer distances, use Football Boots with Knockback 1 or 2. Boots can be found along with other equipment such as custom dresses, food, balls, vehicles in chests around the map.

There’s a lot more that hasn’t been talked about yet, imagine a time and weather machine, walls opening with redstone and command blocks, goal effects and sounds, team changing rooms, a bar, a museum, a maze, a tv studio, a doctor and staff rooms, even a bowling alley

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