Dynamite Projectile

Dynamite Projectile (1.16) Add-On

Dynamite Projectile


This new item (projectile) once its launched it will delay 2-3 seconds to explode. depending on the random algorithm i created. and once it explode it will create a semi big explosion particle which can hurt any entity near:

5 blocks away: 2 hearts

3 blocks away: 5 hearts

1 block away: 6 hearts

Next to it: entire health bar (on a player)

and talking about the terrain damage… the explosion will create a 5×5 crater, with 2 blocks of depht (can variate).

To obtain the dynamite you can do 2 things…

1. write in the gameplay minecraft chat: /give @s pa:dynamite

2. craft it with the following recipe…

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