Tree Chopper

Tree Chopper (1.16) Add-On

Tree Chopper

⚠️The world must be on experimental mode

This add-on brings a faster way to chop down trees!
You can use any axe to chop down trees.
To chop down a tree you need to sneak first to avoid accidentally chopping down important stuff.

Here are the 3 new things that will be added in your game:
1. Cutter Item (Throw-able) Crafting Recipe: 4x Iron Ingot
2. Tree Bomb (Throw-able) Crafting Recipe:4x Iron Ingot and 1x Gunpowder
3. Tree Cutter Block. This block automatically cuts down trees for you it chops down trees next to this block. Crafting Recipe:7x Iron Ingot,1 redstone dust,1 dropper
Only for 1.16:
To place the block long tap the screen/right click while holding the tree cutter block item.

When placing the block you should be on solid ground and no water or else it would teleport.
You cannot stack this block on each other.

Activating the Block:
When the block has been placed down you would see a red bar that means the block is currently turned off. To turn it on interact with it using a lever.

4. The Lumberjack. The Lumberjack is a new mob that has a work schedule, Work, Store, and sleep. During the working hours (0-11000) the lumberjack will chop down trees, gather wood and replant saplings that has drop from the ground.

5. Lumber Chest.This is a lumber chest this is use by the lumberjack in order to store logs.

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