Delicious Food

Delicious Food (1.14 , 1.16) Add-On

Delicious Food

This add-on adds 13 new food products which can be used in your Minecraft world.
In this add-on you have the ability to craft this delicious food or you can just use command.

These are the commands below which can be used to give you the food products:

/give @s food:applepie
/give @s food:chickenburger
/give @s food:frenchfries
/give @s food:dougnut
/give @s food:candy
/give @s food:topcookie
/give @s food:pizza
/give @s food:minipizza
/give @s food:blueberrypie
/give @s food:chickensoup
/give @s food:chocolatebiscuit
/give @s food:chocolatebar
/give @s food:hotdog

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