Chaos SICKLE (1.14 , 1.16) Add-On


Today I bring you the most powerful weapon in MCBE: Chaos SICKLE. It is a 3D weapon lol
After get chaos spar, you can craft chaos blade.
And you can also craft chaos handle.
After get chaos blade and chaos handle, than you can craft chaos sickle.
After get chaos sickle, there will be some speical particles around you.

Chaos SICKLE is the most powerful weapon in MCBE ever. You can attack mob in 3 ways.
1. Sweeping edge
That’s the cummon melee attack of chaos sickle.
Damage: 4000000

2. Chaos bomb
That’s the ranged attack of chaos sickle. You can use this skill by long pressing the screen in sneak mode ( On PC, press shift and right click to use ‘Chaos bomb’ )
Damage: 3000000

The clutch shot of chaos sickle. When the CD of chaos skill end, you can use it by long press on the screen (On PC, right click.)
Chaos Ore
It will spawn naturally. You can get chaos spar by digging it.

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