Bendy And The Ink Machine

Nice Swords (1.14) Add-On

Nice Swords

In this add-on, you will have 7 new swords! a new wooden, golden, diamond, obsidian, nether, stone, and iron sword and their recipe are very easy to craft! also these swords are more powerful than the normal ones.

wooden sword:
Damage: 5
Good durability.
Command: wooden_nice.sword
Recipe: *You will have to use 2 normal wooden swords and a stick*

stone sword:
damage: 8
Good durability
command: stone_nice.sword
Recipe: *You will have to use smooth stone and a normal wooden sword*

iron sword:
Damage: 10
Good durability:
command: iron_nice.sword

golden sword:
Damage: 6
Not very good durability.
command: golden_nice.sword

diamond sword,
Damage: 15
Strong durability
command: diamond_nice.sword

obsidian sword,
Damage: 22
Strong durability
command: obsidian_nice.sword

nether sword,
Damage: 25
Strong durability
command: nether_nice.sword

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