Overworld Nether Biomes

Zero Block Skyblock (1.16) Map

Zero Block Skyblock

Create your island and defeat the Ender Dragon starting from nothing… You start in an empty void with only something to stand on. The only thing you can do is jump in the void… Oh well.

But Wait! When you die, you receive you’re dead corpse! Gross…

When you die, you get your skull, your blood, rotten flesh, bones, and your tears. So you need to keep collecting your dead body parts. Throw you’re pieces on the “floor” beneath and quickly jump into the void. (You need to save up your dead body parts.)

Once you have collected a decent quantity, we can start crafting! Here are some easy blocks to craft!

Once you have made a cobblestone generator, you will be self sustainable! You will have to craft even more lava and water to make a nether portal.

Once, you get to nether, the way to the end will be straight forward. Use the villagers to get ender pearls and the blaze to make eyes of ender to defeat the ender dragon.

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