Withered Cells Map (1.19)

Withered Cells Map

Created By J0S714

Withered Cells is a map inspired by the game “Dead Cells”
You will have to go through 6 areas with enemies on the way.
If you end up dying you will have to start over from the beginning.
Withered Cells brings you to the table…
New weapons!: From a wooden dagger to a Steel Bigsword! (And his upgrades)
6 areas with different themes:Stronghold,Mineshaft,Village,Tower,High Peaks and the last one you will discover :))))
3 bosses! (With HardMode Variants)
A new jumping mechanic!
A dash mechanic!
Health Potion.
A hard mode if it wasn’t enough by passing it the first time! ([A NEW] Surprise at the end if you finish it again)
A small gallery
All the enemies give you an effect!
A Hidden lore in the map..
Extra content rooms after you finish the normal mode!
Cosmetic costumes!
Accesibility Options for those who just want to have a nice time while playing a run!
You may think it’s an easy task to finish the map like in 15 mins
Why don’t you download the map and make sure if you are right?
(Any rage attacks are not my fault)

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