Weaponry Addon

Weaponry Addon (1.12 , 1.14 , 1.16 , 1.16 Beta) Add-On

Weaponry Addon

This addon introduces 36 NEW weapons some with unique abilities, and some made for fun or for simply to collect, each with their own custom recipes.

Want to give your self a weapon in creative mode? Simply do this command!
/give @p mta:

-Diversity (Health Boost Ability)
-Demon Sword (Fire Resistance Ability)
-Invisible Sword (Invisibility Ability)
-Slime Sword (Jump Boost Ability)
-Sword Of Darkness (Night Vision Ability)
-Giant Staff (Become A Giant With Increased Health And Size!)
Ocean Sword (Gives Water Breathing When Held) and many others

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