UltraMax Shader

UltraMax Shader (1.14)

UltraMax Shader

This shader pack is aimed to improve some of the basic lighting and visual projections by introducing a very unique way of rendering it in its own way. Colors are more vibrant, surroundings are more atmospheric, and even the overall gameplay.

To identify whether or not this shader is compatible with your device, check your character skin in the home menu.
If the character is invisible, that means this shader pack is incompatible with your device. In some rare cases, you may have the character render properly but the rest of your world seems out of place. From here, proceeding the use of this shader pack is at the user’s risk…

UltraMax Shader have been confirmed to not be compatible with majority of Adreno based GPUs. If your phone is a Snapdragon chipset or has an Adreno GPU, unfortunately this shader pack is not for you…

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