The Hungry Bot

The Hungry Bot (1.16) Map

The Hungry Bot

The Hungry Bot is an AI pet which loves food. Basically it’s a food eating robot which for unknown reasons has been brought to life in Minecraft. And it’s your job, as the pet owner, to feed him and make sure he always stays satisfied. The Hungry Bot doesn’t age and die so there’s really no end goal here except for continuing to feed him in all eternity. (Hopefully this isn’t the future of artificial intelligence in the real world..)

The creation was originally created by Mumbo Jumbo on the PC version for Minecraft. I couldn’t find his video about it, but at least I’ve told you that here now.

Creator: AgentCPU0

How to feed the robot?
Take the food items from the chest and drop them in the hopper to feed the robot. If you are playing this map on an iOS or Android device then I suggest that you switch the UI to “Classic” design in the video settings. That will make it easier to drop the food in the hopper as you are only supposed to drop one item at a time. (Don’t spam it.)

At least one redstone lamp per bar needs to be lit up in order for him to happy.

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