Superman Addon

Superman Addon (1.16) Add-On

Superman Addon

This add-on turns you into a Superman, not really turning you into Superman instantly, you have to achieve it yourself through the games, but you will find the game easier & more enjoyable at late-game (after creating the nether portal).

How Does The Addon Works? & Features?
This addon has added the CRAFTable & WEARable Laser Eyes!

Another Feature is the SUPERMAN ABILITY! allows you to fly up to the sky & dive with Jump Boost & a Fly booster at the last slot of your hotbar.
This item replaced Elytra, since it’s super powerful, you can only obtain it the same way as obtaining an Elytra…which means it can only be found in the treasure room of the end ship.

Comes along with the Superman Power, now you can use CAPE! a Cape is easy to craft but it only last for 12 minutes then will disappears! and only able to wear when you have the Superman Ability equipped.

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