SpongeBob The Movie

SpongeBob The Movie (1.16) Map

SpongeBob The Movie

This map was created a little over two years ago for the Xbox Edition for Minecraft. It’s a hide-and-seek map taking place inside the SpongeBob movie. You’ll start out at a movie theater and from there you can enter a boxed-in world which features some of the SpongeBob characters. This type of minigame is best suitable for multiplayer gameplay.

Creator: Emzy255
Ported by: TrueTriz

How to play?
You can either just walk around and explore the world on your own or you can use it to host a hide-and-seek minigame. But for that you’ll obviously need a few other players.

Step on the pressure plate to receive a chestplate.

Gold = Hider
Diamond = Seeker

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