Sky Explorers

Sky Explorers (1.19) Map

Sky Explorers

Created By Zedafox1

Sky Explorers (Sequel of The Secrets of Dungeons) is an adventure map in which you are charged with finding a mysteriously disappeared scientist who is said to have a magical book capable of defeating the terrifying Wizard

What is in the map?
+ Interactive Dialogues
+ Custom Ressource Pack
+ Incredible Cutscenes
+ 4 Levels
+ 6 Available languages (EN | FR | ES | PT | DE | ID )

In this map, you will be called to the president’s office to find a lost person with the knowledge to defeat the terrifying wizard.

We highly recommend to play this map on a good device.

• BUILDERS: Benjamin874
• PROGRAMMERS: Benjamin874 | TheblueMan003
• TESTERS: TheDoffedTay | QuackVX | McBrincie212 | Sam0312

Custom Terrain “Alera” by Zhyrr

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