Simple Nuke

Simple Nuke (1.14) Add-On

Simple Nuke

⚠️Enable experimental gameplay
⚠️This Add-on may crash your game. Use it at your own risk.
I bring you the most powerful bomb to you with this nuclear bomb add-on. It can make a big explosion.

How to get the nuclear bomb?
Find it in creative inventory.

How to ignite the bomb?
There are two ways to ignite it:
1. Use flint and steel.
2. Make it fall from high place.

It is recommended to place it on ground.
Once exploding, it will spawn mushroom cloud and give blindness for 30 seconds, fatal poison for 120 seconds to mobs within 100 blocks.

Lagging is normal. The explosion may lag your game up to one minute. It will blow you up, too. Just wait for it.

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